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It is quite important for you to understand where SEO is going and make necessary adjustment in other for you to stay on top of your game. As a business owner you have to stay on top of these things. I cannot say this enough. Some things remain the same. And I will talk about that. Google is placing more emphasis on some factors too. Obviously if you are hiring an SEO consultant, you would not have to worry about this. If you are doing this by yourself, then it is essential for you to pay attention to this.

Some fundamentals of SEO remain the same. You need as many backlinks as you can get at a reasonable velocity off course. Do not go out and order 30,000 backlinks directed towards your website in a day. This will get your Website sandboxed very quickly and you will lose lot of rankings. I am sure you do not want this.

You need to focus on your On-page SEO. This has not changed. You need to properly include Meta Tags, Description Tags, Head Tags etc. This is another fundamental of SEO that will never change. So do not stop doing it.

You still need to write a SEO keywords riched word. The rule of thumbs is to place your Keywords in every 100 words that you write. Now there is no right or wrong way of doing this. Just make sure your Post have lot of keywords without spamming it.

With the Google Panda update, you must understand that more priorities are placed on the quality of your post. Do not post the same article everywhere. As a matter of fact, if you are doing article marketing, do not send your articles to other places. It’s ok to buy PLR articles to do this.  Protect the quality of your post on your website.

Google will start paying more attention on your brand. Your brand is pretty much how many followers that you have. The best way for Google to detect this is through social media. How many times are your content being shared?  This is where bookmarking comes into play. Obviously there is more to this. But it is quite important for you to pay attention to this. You can bet also that Google plus will be a huge factor soon or later.

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If you are a small business you already know the effect of branding in your business. Many of the big cooperation do spend a huge amount of money on their branding everyday. When you see those display board from companies like Geico or AIG insurance or Verizon, the ads do not necessarily have to obey all the Direct response rule of marketing. This is because this companies are focus more on increasing their branding and be on the customer’s face.

But for the smaller business like Law firm, Dentist offices and many like that,   you must obey all the direct response rule because you need your customers to make decision NOW. This is what Direct response is all about. You must include all the element like social proof, call to action, numbers and many more.

This applies also to SEO practice. Google is starting to look into your social proof or Social brand. How many Facebook shares are you getting on your posts? How many re-tweets are you getting? How many people outside are bookmarking your contents or sharing it on Digg. All these are important factors that you should put in place in your NJ/NY SEO campaign because Google loves all the social factor and buzz that you can get.

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We are continuing with our SEO metrics today. Please understand that all these are all Ranking factors. While one factor might be more important than the other, they all still contribute to the ranking position of your blog or business website especially if you are in the New Jersey and New York area where it is very dense.

RDD: Refffering Domains- Domains

Google wants to make sure that you are not just getting backlinks from one source of domains. This is one of the reason why google factors the amount of domains that is linking to your website. As you might have guess already, the higher your reffereing domain domains, the higher your rankings will be. Again the rule of the diversification. IF you diversfy your link source, you wouldnt worry about this.

RDP: Reffering Domains- Page

This is the amount of pages that is referring or sending backlinks to your website.  Obviously, this amount will be more than RDD becuase there are multiple pages in one domain. Again, the higher this number is, the higher would your blog or business website rankings increases.

I am not telling you to micromanage this. That would not be worth your time. If you are doing this yourself, then diversity the amount and type of backlinks coming to your website. If you do this, you would be fine. Thanks

Look out for the next metrics that I will be talking about.

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Domain Age

Domain age is one of the crucial SEO metrics that you dont really have to worry about the most. It is very crucial. Because the Older your domain age, the more authority will Google give to your website.  So if you already have a website, do not worry about this. Continue to work on the website that you already have.  If you dont have a website, go after some expiring domain and obtain then. They have more authority with Google and Yahoo. This will greatly boost your NJ SEO or NY SEO strategy.

Index Pages

This is the amount of pages that Google is crediting your website for. The more you write, the more your contents will be indexed by Google and you will be credited for. There are ways to make Google see your pages faster. The reality though is that the more you write, the more your website will become an authority with Google. As your website is becoming an authority, the crawler will be coming to your website more and be indexing your page.

PR: Page Rank

This is a whole different ball game itself.  As a small business owner, just understand that t higher your Page Rank (PR), the higher your rankings will be. PR goes from 1 – 10. Google home page has a page rank of 10. I believe that also has a page rank of 9 or 10. Page rank is pretty much a snap shot of how many unique visitors are visiting the page every day and how long they are staying on the page.  Also Page Rank is a snapshot of the amount of backlinks coming to a page. If you focus on what you are supposed to do in terms of getting backlinks and constantly updating your website, your PR will increase.  Also understand that it will be a lot harder to out rank a page that has higher PR than your website. It is possible though.

NJ / NY SEO: Search Engine Optimization Metrics” will be continued in the next post.


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Before you embark on the Search Engine Optimization route, it is quite important for you to understand that you will have to do lot of tracking and monitoring. The real question now is that what are your tracking? This is were most people make mistakes because more attention is placed on the less important metric. I will cover many of the metrics in the next few posts and i want you to pay close attention.


This is the most important metrics that you want to monitor. How many backlinks are you getting per day? There are more to backlink s that I can clarify here. But this is without a doubt the number 1 SEO metric that you should focus on. From the backlinks that you are working on everyday, how many of them are getting indexed?

What is the quality of the backlink that you are getting on  your website? I will still right more on backlinks in the nearesst future. However please understand this. If your business is in the region like NY, NC or NJ, NJ SEO or NY SEO is a lot harder than other cities because this a highly condensed area with more competition. And You must keep that in mind.  So you would need more backlinks definitely.

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When you are considering going the route of Search Engine Optimization, it is important for you to understand the psychology involve in this marketing route. SEO is not paid media strategy. So you have to understand certain issues with this. I will make the point below;


As I mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimization is not paid media. You will not rank for the keyword that you want in a day or two. That is just the bottom-line. You will need lot of patience when you are implementing your SEO strategies either by yourself or when you are paying someone to do it for you. As a matter of fact, when you see some alleged SEO Specialist claiming that he will rank you in a day, you should run because they are just trying to take your money.

There are many factors that are beyond control when we talking about ranking increase. The industry that you are is one the major . If you are a dentist, It will be relatively harder to rank your website for a dentist Keyword than it is to rank for a massage therapist website. It is quite important for you to understand this truth.

Your location is extremely important when you are trying to rank for a website. It will be A LOT harder to rank for a dentist in New York City that it is to rank for Dentist in some village in Utah. This is because of the competition is a whole lot higher in New York City that it is the less densely populated areas.


If you just embarking on your SEO journey now or you have already, patience is a big factor here. Be consistent. Be consistent with your blog writing. Be consistent with your Search Engine optimization. Be consistent with your liink building. Patience and Consistency is a big factor. You can go some blackhat route and speed things up a little without a doubt. But you are also risking being sandboxed or Google completely de-indexing your website. I do not think that you want this either.

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If you are a small business owners in NY and you are looking for ways to explode your business by ways of website optimization of your website, then you have come to the write page. Website optimization of your business website in NY can all be summarize into 3 major categories that I will expanciate more below.

NY website Optimization: Keyword Research:
The first step is to understand what you want your website to rank for. This is almost the basis of SEO. NY Businesses website optimization must start with keyword. Especially in a highly competitive region like New York, There has to be an unquestionable keyword that your website is trying to rank for. There are many tools that can be used for this. But for the most part, your business has to be the major determinant of this. If you have a law firm, then you want to rank to NY Law firm. Remember this post is about Website Optimization in NY.

On Page Optimization

This involves pretty much telling Google and other search engine what your business site is all about. This part of website optimization involves strategically telling Google how to navigate in your website. This involves including a keyword optimized Meta tags, head tags, description tags and keyword tags. This also includes installing proper plugins to your website that will make your job easier. Finally this involves writing a highly keyword optimized post on your website and consistently writing posts too. This is the second stage of the whole Website optimization in NY process.

Off Page Optimization

This is the time consuming and important last step of the website optimization for NY Companies. As you know, New York is a highly competitive buy pfizer viagra online | buy cialis pills online | buy levitra vardenafil area for any business really. So for your website to rank high in the search Engine, viagra sales You need to be constantly getting votes from outside websites. This vote is what we called Backlinks in the SEO world. The more backlinks that you get, the purchase levitra online higher your website will rank. The quality of the backlinks (a factor of the source) is also equally as important as the quantity of the backlinks that you get.  There are technical ways to get backlinks that can be learned. There are also ways you can contact other webmaster and ask them to link back to your website.

This is clearly a summary of the NY Business Website Optimization fundamentals.  However understand that NY is a highly competitive area. And more of these steps will need to be done to increase your business rankings and eventually dominate the no 1 position which will lead to more clients for you and more revenue for you.

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I will be making lot of references to Google Place because it is the major Local search that you should be concern about when it comes to your small business. There are others like buy levitra vardenafil yahoo local, yelp, and many other directories. As a small buy cialis overseas business owner, you want to focus all y our attention on Google Place though. Because to be frank, if you can optimize your business listings on Google place, then you have pretty much optimized your business listings for other searches. Here are the major ways to do this;

Get buy acomplia online Citations
Citation is pretty much the amount of time that the name of your business is mentioned online. Google crawler will notice this and give you credit for it. Obviously you want to get citations from the Yahoo business listings, Bing Business listings and others major directories. The more citations that you have, the more higher your Google Place business listings will be in the search result.

Get Reviews
Google cares only about the users. If you can design a mechanism that will allow your Customers to go to your Google Listings and give you either a positive or negative (hopefully not) review, Google crawler will love this and improve your Google Place rankings.  Google can also pick up the reviews of your business on other directories.  The more reviews that you have, the higher will Google rank your business buy cialis line listings.
Completion of the Google Listings

Basically, the more completed your business listings are, the higher will your ranking be. In other words, make sure you fill out viagra prices as much information as possible on the page when you are entering your business for the first time or editing existing business.

Clearly this is not all you need to do in terms of ranking your buy cialis jelly Google Place business listing. But these are the basics.  Yellow page is becoming more obsolete day by day. It it essential for you to proscar Stay on top of these in terms improving your online presence, getting more traffic, getting more customers/clients and improving your revenue.

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There are cheapest place to buy viagra online five simple tasks that you need to do on a daily basis to keep your site in the beginning. Here they amoxil online are:

1. it must be run as manage your links. Viagra for sale This includes making sure that none of your current links are dead, and you should check whether there are any sites that you will be joining you € ™ t know about. If your site consists of a large number of links you must ensure that they arenâ € ™ t get control and get rid of everything that is no longer relevant. Also, make sure that your links are enough labelled to reflect the page they link to.

2. Reorder your links, the introduction of the largest first. And put them into categories, if you have viagra cost Professional”>Viagra Professional a large number of links. If you have a links page with 25 + links is a good idea to turn it into a Viagra online directory of the same. This even can help you more links to Buy online Levitra your site in exchange for links back to the directory that you created. Also check the sites that link to and make sure that all the back links, which are due to you are still having me € ™ t have much reason to keep in touch, if you arenâ Online Levitra buy € ™ t get a link back, you deserve it (if the link back agreed in fact, when you have placed a link to your site).

3. Process the link request emails. When you receive a request for an exchange buy amoxil of links, responds quickly. buy generic levitra Not every e-mail you receive will be good and you should check for any site that wants to create a link to it. If you decline the query for connection with the Web master know why. Perhaps you incite, which they do not possess. They may be able to determine a few things and then become excellent link partners in the future. This is a common curtesy to inform Web master or not you’re ready to exchange links within two or three days of receipt of the request. Web Masters will be even more impressed if you send them a personalized message on your approval or rejection of the exchange for the link.

4. check the link exchange forums. This is one of such aspects as above, except that in this case is more difficult to keep track of all the people who potentially cialis online buy cialis fast shipping buy online amoxil may request links from your viagra for women online site. There are a lot of spam to these kinds of things, as well as many really terrible and useless sites. If you encounter this site or Forum article, to inform them of your problem with what they do and report them to the Moderator/administrator if they correct behaviour in an appropriate Manor. It is important that these types buy cheap acomplia of forums to be kept clean, or a search engine Viagra yearly sales may consider more than the service exchange link farm.

5. Finally, you should check each of the functions of your Web site to make sure itâ € ™ s, continue to work correctly. Dynamic content, which you probably will include, at a given time must Cialis buy be delivered correctly. All messages that are generated in the movement should not be generated in the misopportune time. The difference between the dynamic site quality and subpar dynamic site is that as dynamic site all content is delivered at the right time and everything seems to be static and planned.

Take your time with your website and make sure that you can do everything you can about him every day. Supports adding buyviagra href=””>buy Buy Antibiotics medications amoxicillin Online buy Levitra online something new, which you can find, because the regular update will keep order levitra the search engines back to spider-often. Updates are essential, and if you can trace the patterns here neproizti?a?i quality and accuracy will probably be able to come up with other ways that you can insure satisfaction your visitors and your promotions, traffic, link count and search engine lists.

Never agree to connect someoneâ € ™ s site without link exchange unless they Buy Viagra, Buy Cialis, Buy Levitra Without Prescription offer to pay you in euro even then, think twice. All your incoming and outgoing connections must be associated with your siteâ € ™ s content for you to be ranked high in buy how to buy viagra without prescription viagra search engines.

Basic connection cheapest levitra controls.

Some sites use a robots.txt file to Online Cialis buy proscar buy stop search engines from indexing their pages with links, in its belief that the outbound links will be recorded against them. To check, simply re-enter their URL with the name cheap amoxil robots.txt file at the end (e.g. buy Buy Viagra, Buy Cialis, Buy Levitra Without Prescription propecia If you see a page worded in € ˜ Disallowâ € ™ and is the URL of their links page theyâ € ™ re then not putting spiders index this page. Will exchange links with ™ t this site.

You should check to see if the Web site is to â € ˜ cloakedâ € ™ and it shall report to the search engines if it is, you will be € ™ I’d like to participate with those people â € “it’s better to have them disabled and out of the way.

Do you have this site that offers link PageRank? Even if you do so, should look at how it drops between the front page, and links. Keep in mind that buy cialis pills online new pages, take some time to get ranked so PR0 doesnâ € ™ t necessarily mean a site that does not need any PageRank.

Please see how many links are already on rimonabant the page. There shouldnâ € ™ t has more than 20 links â € “If your site breaks this rule will ™ t even judge. Many webmasters collects links thinking theyâ € ™ re helping their ranking, but it simply has the effect of making them look like link farms. Many of them will even include ™ t connect large spam industries, such as casinos and adult content. Thereâ € ™ s not as a link from a site, which links from just anyone.

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